Best Rabbit Repellent: Best Ways to Repel Rabbits

While rabbits may be cute and lovely creatures, they are not at all friendly to your garden plants. Rabbits especially the ones who live in the wild tend to cause a lot of havoc in the garden. So, what is the best rabbit repellent?

1. Plantskydd Organic Rabbit Repellant If you are in the business of using only organic products on your garden plants, then you can opt for this one. In addition, to be effective in eliminating pesky rabbits from your garden, it also works wonders with deer, beaver, porcupine, moose, and voles.


2. Enviro Pro Rabbit Repellant

This is equally an effective rabbit repellant you can apply in your garden. No mixing is required before use and it is equally non-toxic to pets and humans. So you have nothing to worry about when it is applied to your garden.

This deer repellant is made in the USA and from all-natural ingredients. It also has a pleasant spice smell and is long-lasting. This is due to the fact that it is available in pouches that are resistant to the rain.

3. PredatorGuard Deer and Rabbit Repellant

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1. Build a Fence Building a fence around your garden can be an effective way to solve the problem of rodents in your garden. With a fence installed, you get to eliminate rabbits, deer, and other animals from eating your plants.

Best Ways to Repel Rabbits

2. Use a Plant Cage

Placing a cage over your priced plants can be an effective method to prevent pests from ravaging them. This could also serve as a cheap method compared to building a cage.

1. Apart from branded rabbit repellants, there are other natural methods you can employ to get rid of rabbits. Remember that we earlier mentioned that rabbits sniff around a lot and can’t stand the pungent smell. Natural repellants such as coyote urine and blood meal can also be sprayed around your garden to keep rabbits out.

Best Rabbit Repellent: Natural Repellants

You can also consider having a pet dog to help with the security around your garden. The mere presence of a dog in your garden can scare rabbits and other rodents away from your plants.

3. Consider raising a Dog

Best Rabbit Repellent: Best Ways to Repel Rabbits 

Rabbits are a menace to your garden plants and they need to be taken care of. This you can easily do by making use of any of the three best rabbit repellant products we reviewed.