How Deep Do You Have To Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

Many beginner gardeners wonder how deep do you have to plant hyacinth bulbs, not knowing that they’re not difficult to plant at all.

How To Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

One of the reasons hyacinths are a good plant for beginner gardeners is their planting technique! These plants are very simple to plant, and making taking care of ...

Even though hyacinths prefer to be out in the open where they can get enough sunlight and water, you can also grow them inside!

Growing Indoor Vs Growing Outdoor

Outdoor Planting

Planting them outside isn’t complicated at all. Just dig out a 4-inch hole, add some manure and plant the bulb(s). Cover them with soil and let nature do the rest! Make sure  ...

Gardeners recommend that you find prepared bulbs if you’re planning on planting them indoors! It’s enough to plant them 2 inches deep – bulbs can be closer together, but they ...

Indoor Planting

Another reason gardeners suggest planting your hyacinths in groups is the scent! More hyacinths huddled up in a single spot will release a stronger scent than if they were ...

Caring For Your Hyacinth

We already pointed out that you should keep heat in mind, especially when you’re planting your hyacinths indoors! They don’t like heat, so make sure that there isn’t a radiator around!


In conclusion, you should plant your hyacinths in an open or a partly-shaded area with well-drained soil. You can also plant them in a container!


How Deep Do You Have To Plant Hyacinth Bulbs