How To Propagate Jade Plant- Rooting a Jade Plant

Jade plants are some of the easiest to grow in your garden. They make an excellent flower plant you can grow in a pot indoors. What many gardeners don’t know is that it is easy to propagate a jade plant from the stem or cuttings. There are several methods you can employ once you understand what happens when rooting jade plant. 

1. Propagating from Stem Cuttings

Propagating the cuttings is as simple as taking any size of the stem, even if it from a broken branch or stem.

You can take a cutting from a Jade plant by first deciding which part of the stem you would like to cut to make your new plant. It is best to take up to three inches of the stem cuttings so you can also have enough space to root the cuttings.

2. Taking a Stem Cutting from a Jade Plant

Once you have removed the cutting from the Jade plant, you will need to let the ends with the cuttings cure first. You can do this by allowing it to dry for a few days to prevent the rotting of the cuttings.

3. Preparing the Cutting for Propagation

4. Propagating from Leaf Cuttings 

I only try this method usually when I want to experiment with leaf propagation as I have already mentioned, this method requires a long time to grow a large Jade plant compared to stem cuttings.

You can easily root your Jade plant cuttings in soil by following some steps.

5. Rooting Jade Plant Cuttings in Soil

How To Propagate Jade Plant- Rooting a Jade Plant

After successfully rooting your plant, you will need to wait for two to three weeks for the cuttings to form a root. You can tell once you start to notice a growth on top of the Jade plant cuttings. You can follow the procedures above on rooting jade plant, even if you have not done it before.