What Are Seeds In Lily Bloom And How To Harvest Them

Are you able to identify what are seeds in lily bloom considering that they are not very visible or brightly colored?

Different Species of Lilies

As you learn how to identify what are seeds in lily bloom, its best to know the different species of lilies available to gardeners.

1. Oriental Lilies 2. Trumpet Lilies 3. Asiatic Lilies 4. Easter Lilies

Different Species of Lilies

These lilies have famous for their strong fragrance. They grow to about 4 feet slower than other types. Their bloom starts mid to late summer when the Asiatic lily flowers are fading.

Oriental Lilies

Trumpet Lilies

They are like oriental lilies and produce many blooms with a sweet scent. Their flowers are smaller and more closed than those of the other lilies.

Lily seeds should be gathered in late summer or autumn. This is after the pods have completely dried out and begun to split open. The pods usually turn brown in color with the mature seeds being dark, firm, and dry. It is about 6 to 8 weeks after the bloom period.

How To Collect Lily Seeds

What Are Seeds In Lily BloomWhat Are Seeds In Lily Bloom

There are many plants with the name lily but most are not true lilies. Don’t be confused; true lilies grow from onion-like bulbs.  Any lily that does not grow from a bulb is not a true lily.  Beware!