Why Are My Spider Plant Leaves Curling? Here’s The Answer!

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Last Updated on September 1, 2022 by Cristina

If it no longer looks healthy, you might wonder, why are my spider plant leaves curling up? This is a common question, but the answer isn’t as straightforward!

The spider plant is a popular houseplant, but they aren’t the easiest to care for. These plants look great in pots and hanging containers, no matter where they’re placed. The cascading fall of their leaves can liven up any area, but why do these leaves sometimes curl up?

In this article, I explain why spider plant leaves tend to curl and list the solutions to each problem! 

Reasons Why Spider Plant Leaves Curl

There are many reasons your spider plants could suddenly have curling leaves.

Not Enough Water

Curling leaves are a form of communication for spider plants. They’ll tell you they’re thirsty by curling up if you haven’t been watering them enough

Too Much Water – Why Are My Spider Plant Leaves Curling

Not only can you underwater your spider plant, but it’s also possible to overwater them. These plants are pretty picky when it comes to their watering needs. Adding too much water to their pot can lead to mold in the roots. This can also drown your plants. 

If your spider plant curls up and you know you’ve been watering them frequently, their roots could be rotten. 

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Why Are My Spider Plant Leaves Curling

The Wrong Water

Yes, there’s such a thing as giving your plants the wrong water! As I said, spider plants are picky drinkers. 

If they consume too many minerals, their leaves can curl up. High levels of fluoride in water can make your spider plant sick. 

Incorrect Pot Size – Why Are My Spider Plant Leaves Curling

Your spider plant doesn’t only expect you to pay careful attention to their watering needs but also their home. You should carefully choose the pot your spider plant grows in. 

If their pot is too small, their roots won’t have enough space to grow. If their pot is too big, there’ll be too much water in the soil, and their roots could get moldy. 

Too Much Sun

Spider plants are one of the most popular indoor plants. They thrive in places that have low light or indirect sunlight. If your plant is getting sunburnt, you’ll be notified by curly leaves. 

Not Enough Light 

Although they thrive in low light, that doesn’t mean no light. If your spider plants don’t get enough light, they won’t be able to photosynthesize. 

Without this process, your plant won’t stay healthy and alive. 

How To Solve Curling Issues Of Spider Plant Leaves

If you notice your spider plant has curly leaves, don’t worry – you can still save it! There are many ways to heal your spider plant’s leave issues, depending on why it’s there. 

Watering Issues

You should inspect your plant to see if watering is why your spider plant’s leaves are curling up. The soil should give you a clear indication of this:

  1. Dry soil will indicate that your plant hasn’t been getting enough water. 
  2. Soil that’s too damp means your plant is drowning. 

After inspecting and finding the cause, you can start taking measures to save your plants before it is too late. 

Overwatering: You can solve overwatering issues by removing your spider plant from its soil. You’ll have to use pruning shears or scissors to cut off roots that have been affected. After you get rid of these roots, repot your spider plant in dry soil and start the growing process again by adding just the right amount of water.

Underwatering: An underwatering issue is easier to solve. All you’ll have to do is start watering your spider plant more regularly. 

Mineral Rich Water: If you suspect your water is too mineral-rich for your spider plants, you can save them by watering them with different water. Instead of tap, buy purified water for your spider plants or invest in a home-filtering system. 

Light Issues – Why Are My Spider Plant Leaves Curling

Insufficient Light: If you realize that your spider plant isn’t getting enough sunlight, you can move it to a more exposed windowsill. Grow lights or LCDs can also help.  

Too Much Sunlight: You can save your spider plants from sunburn by moving them to an area with less or indirect sunlight. You’ll also need to give them a little extra water if they were exposed to harsh light. 

How To Solve Curling Issues Of Spider Plant Leaves

Pot Size

Repotting your spider plant is very easy. Simply start by finding a pot suited for the root ball size of your plant. 

If the roots fit too tightly, your pot is too small. If there is more than enough space next to the roots, your pot may be too big. Choose a container that can fit the roots comfortably but not too snug. 

In Ending, Why Are My Spider Plant Leaves Curling?

The spider plant might seem like a high-maintenance in-house decoration, but if you keep yours healthy, it will definitely be worth all the trouble!

These plants adapt well to their environment. They’ll be fine if you keep them in a brightly lit area and stick to a once-a-week watering schedule. You should also consider using a well-balanced houseplant fertilizer monthly. 

If you notice any curling issues, seek the cause and treat it immediately. Doing this will save your plant and help it continue healthy growing.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you found the cause for your spider plant’s curling problem. If you have more questions about these indoor favorites, ask them in the comments!


What does an overwatered spider plant look like?

An overwatered spider plant can appear discolored, and its leaves can curl and seem ill. In severe cases, you'll notice root rot.

How do you keep spider plant leaves from bending?

Keep your spider plants healthy by watering them with purified water, placing them in a spot with indirect sunlight, and ensuring that you don't water them too much or too little.

What kind of leaves does a spider plant have?

Spider plant leaves are long and thin. They arch beautifully and are green or have white stripes.

Should I cut off broken spider plant leaves?

Regularly cutting off broken and dead leaves will improve your spider plant's appearance and growth.

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