A Guide To Buying Angled Snow Shovel Pushers

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How about getting yourself angled snow shovel pushers to clear your snow-covered driveway or walkway that is full of snow?

Clearing the snow is not one of those relaxed experiences that allows you to connect with nature as you shovel away.  Snow clearing is a backbreaking task that no one looks forward to.  All of us would rather do something else instead of clearing the snow.

Still, it’s a necessity.  You will have to shovel snow away if you want to get to work on Monday or avoid unnecessary accidents on your sidewalk.

Snow removal tools make our snow-clearing easier, and in this article, we will look at the angled snow shovels pushers that are easy to use.

Buyers Guide For Angled Snow Pushers

There are important considerations to make when buying an angled snow shovel pushers for your yard.  Regardless of whether you need a shovel for light or heavy snowfalls, you can shop for the right shovel when you consider the important factors.

Buyers Guide For Angled Snow Pushers

What To Look For In A Snow Shovel

When choosing the ideal snow shovel, there are a few factors that you need to consider to get the right model.  There are standard and pusher models that come with different plough designs, clearing widths, and user-actions. Here are the top functions and features that you need to look for in the best snow shovels.

Snow Shovel Types

There are two types of snow shovels – the manual traditional type looks like a spade with a large payload on the blade, and the push type looks like a mini-snow plough.

Both models are used differently and suit various applications.  You need to know which one suits your use around your yard.

Here Are The Two Types Of Snow Shovels

  • Push Type Snow Shovels – These commonly walk behind snow pushers ideal for clearing areas like your driveway. They are easy to use, clearing snow and scrapping ice quickly.  They scrape off the driveway and sidewalk within a few minutes.  However, their disadvantage is that they do not dig out large snowfalls around tricky objects like staircases.
  • Traditional Snow Shovels – These traditional snow shovels have a larger head than a regular dirt shovel.  These shovels are used in more specific areas of your yard like corners and staircases or, better still hard to reach corners.  The tip of the shovel blade features a reinforced tip for easier scraping of ice.

Features To Consider When Buying Angled Snow Plough Shovel

Here are the basic features to look out for when shopping for an angled snow shovel pushers.


The snow shovels come in different handles that you can choose from depending on whether you want a traditional or push model. Here are different types of handles.

Fixed Handles

These are the best handles due to their durability.  The fixed handles have one disadvantage, they have no customization for height, and they don’t have an ergonomic design either.

Telescopic handles.  These handles feature a twist-lock in the stock of the handle, usually at the mid-point.  You can adjust the length to suit your height.  These handles are easy to use even for a newbie and lock together with a twist making them super user friendly.  However, there is a chance that the efficacy of the twist-locks fades over time. Due to this, the lock loses its grip, providing a frustrating shovelling experience.

Adjustable Handles

Some handles have a manual adjustment allowing you to lock in the height setting using nuts and bolts. These handles last long, but they are less convenient to use. They are firm, offering no chance of them slipping out of place – unless you don’t tighten the nuts often.

Wheels or Casters

Most snow pushers come with casters or pre-installed wheels.  Get one that has larger diameter wheels with plenty of treads.  The tread will grip the snow providing good traction to help you manoeuvre the shovel.

The Snowcaster 70SNC 36-Inch Heavy Duty Bi-Directional Wheeled Snow Pusher

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Blade Material

The blade is the most critical component that you need to assess when buying your snow shovel.  The snow shovel has a metal design, but some come with a plastic plough with a metal-lined edge on the bottom jaw.

This metal lined edge provides sufficient clearing action on tiles, tar, and concrete, without cracking or snapping the plough. The plastic plough enables the overall design of the plough easy to manoeuvre around the yard because it’s lightweight.

Most models have a replaceable aluminium edge that allows you to attach a new cutting edge after every season, ready for the next snowfall.

The blade is either made of Steel, which is sturdier than aluminium and weighs more.  The more it weighs, the faster it will wear you out, and you might not get through the whole job in one period.

Blade Size

The blade size is another consideration to make when buying a snow shovel.  We recommend you follow these guidelines when choosing the shovel-width of the blade.

  • 18-inches – This is the largest width of the shovel blade; it is much loved as it reduces the strain on your back. Get a square nose for scraping that is ideal for small homes and clusters.
  • 24-inches – This size has the best shovel blade option for manual use. Large shovel width is best for moving snow fast.
  • 30-inches – This size is best for pushing snow shovels in large sidewalks, driveways, and paths. Look for models with large wheels providing plenty of tread for traction.
Blade Size


The weight of the snow shovel makes a remarkable difference when fatigue when you are operating.  It can take up to 30 minutes to shovel and scrape your sidewalks and driveway.   That is quite a considerable workout, especially if with the cold outside. Before buying, think about the weight of the tool plus the snow’s weight.  This can drain your muscles fast in a matter of minutes.


The amount of your snow shovel plays a big role in how much snow you can move with each pass. Larger snow shovels have bigger capacities moving more snow than small ones. However, more snow means more weight; ensure you have the strength to handle the shovel when fully loaded.


What is the difference between a snow shovel and a snow pusher?

A snow shovel has one end that's wider than the other, making it easier to push. But the snow pusher has a wide end, making it easier to pick up heavy loads. We all know that the best way to clear the driveway is to use a snow pusher. It’s easier to push the snow out of the way than to shovel it.

The same holds true for your yard and driveway. The snow pusher is a better choice for clearing the snow in your driveway. Snow Pushers are the right choice for you. Snow Pushers are a great tool for picking up all sorts of heavy loads, from big rocks to sandbags to dirt, but they are not made for shoveling.

If you want to shovel your driveway, then you need a shovel, not a snow pusher. Snow Pushers will pick up a lot of snow, but they will not be able to push it away from the driveway and into your yard.

Are curved snow shovels better?

I like to use a straight shovel, especially if I’m trying to clear a driveway or walkway that is already packed with snow. The curve makes it easier to lift the snow over and around obstacles in my path.

Are ergonomic snow shovels better?

There are two main types of ergonomic snow shovels: The first type is an ergonomic shovel designed for shoveling snow. These shovels are generally heavier than standard shovels, which makes them more stable and easier to use in awkward positions, like kneeling. They have a wider blade and handle than standard shovels. The second type is a general purpose shovel that is ergonomically designed.

This type of shovel has a longer handle and thinner blade than a standard shovel. Most shovels will have a handle that's comfortable for you to hold. The most common grips are the "W" grip or the "C" grip. The "W" grip is where your hand is in line with your forearm. With the "C" grip, your hand is perpendicular to your forearm. This can make it easier to get your arms out of the way of the blade. Some people find that a "V" grip is more comfortable than either of the other two.

What is the top rated snow shovel?

The top rated snow shovel is the Black Diamond Big Kick. It is the most durable snow shovel and has a big kick to get all the snow out of your way. It can be used to remove snow from the driveway, sidewalks, and walks.

What are the different types of snow shovels?

Push snow shovels are probably the most common type of snow shovels. They have a long handle and a blade that pushes the snow from one side to another. Push snow shovels are also called snow pushers.

The blade of push snow shovels is usually made of steel or aluminium.

Hand-Held Snow Shovels Hand-held snow shovels are also known as hand snow shovels. The handle of these shovels is usually longer than that of push snow shovels. This makes it easy for you to lift the snow easily.

Push snow shovels are usually longer and wider than hand-held snow shovels. This makes them easier to use when you need to move large amounts of snow. Push snow shovels are usually used by people who do not have much time to spend on snow removal. Push snow shovels are also called snow pushers. Push snow shovels have handles that can be adjusted to fit your hand size.

These handles can be made of wood, plastic or metal. Push snow shovels can be used with one hand only. Push snow shovels have blades that are usually longer than the handle. The blades can be straight, curved or bent. Snow shovels can be used to shovel snow in your driveway or a parking lot.


This information should help you when selecting the best snow shovel for your application.

Snow shovelling is a tough activity that is not easy to partake. Ensure you are physically fit to undertake this task to avoid accidents and physical body problems.

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