When Do Morning Glory Bloom? – An In-depth Look

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In some areas, morning glory grows prolifically and wild in all the places you don’t want, but before we remove it, let’s learn when morning glory bloom?

Some gardeners prefer these fast-growing vines to cover the sheds, unsightly fences and other structures.  The funnel-shaped, brightly coloured flowers are a beauty when they bloom, making the covering naturally beautiful.

Getting morning glories to flower is a lot simpler than many gardeners think. Read on to see how to get blooms on your morning glory vines.

What Are Morning Glory Flowers?

Morning glory flowers are striking beautiful blooms that grow on slender stems. They have heart-shaped leaves with funnel or trumpet-shaped flowers.

These flowers come in a variety of colours like purple, pink, magenta, white and blue. They are attractive to the eyes and also attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.

Morning glory flowers are good for ground covering and as a vine to make an arch or pergola.

What Are Morning Glory Flowers

When Do Morning Glories Bloom?

After planting morning glory seeds, they need a lot of patience before they can bloom. Morning glory bloom time can take few months up to 120 days to grow from seeds to flowers.  Once they start flowering, they do so bountifully and vibrantly.

Once the plant is established, it will start to flower.  These flowers are usually some of the last annuals to bloom in many regions all around the world.

Do These Flowers Come Back Year After Year?

This depends on the climate that you are growing your morning glories in.  Some morning glories can come back year after year, while others do not.

In colder areas, morning glory plants can reseed on their own. However, this flower is not likely to return the following year after flowering in warmer and more tropical climates.

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How Long Do Morning Glory Blooms Last?

These flowers only last for a limited time.  However, they are best enjoyed in the morning when they open fresh and close by evening.

They got their name morning glory because of their cheerful morning blossoms.  The blooms last one day, but the vines keep producing countless blooms.

How Long Do Morning Glory Blooms Last

Why Morning Glory Is Not Blooming

Morning glories are popular for their bloom for many years.  They were a favourite for the cottage garden because they thrived even in poor soil.

The vines also grow at a rapid pace and eventually produce these beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers. This flower has several species, with each developing at its own different time.

If your morning glories are not blooming or they bloom too little, it could mean your flowers are not getting the right care, or the condition they are growing in is not favourable. The problem could also be environmental.

Here are some things you can check to help your plants bloom

  • Check the Soil – Most plants want rich soil, but morning glory is an exception.  It prefers poor, well-drained, or average soil. Yes, you can add a layer of mulch but skip the fertilizer and the manure.  If your soil is too rich, your morning glories will not bloom.  Rich or over-fertilized soil produces healthy, green foliage at the expense of the beautiful blooms.

  • Check the Moisture – Morning glories thrive in regular watering – not too much, not too little.  The soil should not be bone dry or soggy.  As a rule, a good deep watering schedule is one deep watering per week.  Avoid frequent, shallow watering because it creates weak, shallow roots.

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  • Check the Sunlight – Morning glories prefer full sunlight, and a vine growing under the shade may not bloom. If the vine is young, you can transplant it to a fully sunny place.  If a tall tree or overhanging branches bring the shade problem, you can give them good pruning to clear them away from your vines to make room for more sunlight.

  • Spider Mite Infestation – It could be a spider mite infestation if you notice tiny white and yellow spots on your flower buds and leaves.  Spider mites are tiny, red/orange insects that look like dots on the undersides of the leaves.  They suck the plant sap and damage your morning glory if you don’t identify/respond early.   A severe infestation could damage your flower’s buds.  To get rid of spider mites on morning glories, dislodge them by spraying water on them with a garden hose or a syringe filled with water.  If the infestation is severe, apply an insecticidal solution to the plant to eliminate these pests.

Morning Glories Not Opening

If you give your plans too much fertilizer, they will produce flowers that will not bloom.  Morning glories do not tolerate too much nitrogen in the soil.

If the soil lacks moisture, the buds will not open to the usual morning glory that these flowers give.

Another reason your morning glory buds are not opening up could be because the plant is not old enough. Be patient with your plant; it will fine produce the buds but will not open until it’s mature enough.  If the plant I not mature, you will notice the buds falling off the plant without flowering.


When do morning glories bloom?

Morning glory blooms during the summer months, with peak blooming occurring in June and July. The flowers close for the winter, but they are sometimes kept open by a layer of snow or ice, so they can still bloom.

Do morning glories come back year after year?

The answer is yes. They come back each spring and bloom every year. They are very hardy perennials and I have them blooming in my garden year after year. The problem with them is that they tend to be a bit invasive. Once they get going, you’ll have no control over them. They just keep spreading. My best advice is to cut them back when they start to look a little scraggly.

Does morning glory bloom all summer?

The answer to this question is no. Morning glories can bloom in the summer months, but their season of bloom is short-lived and most of them are usually dormant when winter approaches. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their beauty all summer long.

You just need to be prepared for a few changes in your landscape that will make the blooms more visible. To help with this, we’ve created a list of five things you can do to bring morning glory blooms to life.

Do they take long to grow?

I would say that the time it takes for a morning glory to grow depends on where it is in your house. If you live in a sunny area (like a patio) then it will grow quickly. If you live in an area that gets very little sunlight (like a basement), then it will take longer.

Can you plant morning glories in the ground?

es. But they prefer to be planted in containers or baskets. You can even buy them from nurseries. They are usually sold as a set with two pots and a stake. The pots are about the size of a small bowl and have holes in the bottom to allow water to drain.

What do morning glories attract?

Morning glories, also known as clematis, are attractive to hummingbirds, according to the University of California. The flowers are small and round and bloom in early spring, when they attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. Keep Learning Hummingbirds are attracted to morning glories because of their size and shape, which is similar to the flowers' pollen and nectar.


If you did not get any bloom this season, it means you can try again next season.  Don’t panic because you did not get any morning glory flowers.

You need to take steps to ensure next season there is good bloom.  Morning glories do well when supported with a trellis, a fence, or any other structure.  If your plant has not flowered yet, give it time to do so without rushing it.

These flowers require patience because they are the last annuals to bloom in most regions, starting in August or early September.

Morning glories though they demand low maintenance, require a few conditions to bloom.  Heat drainage, moisture levels, good drainage, amount of fertilizer or manure in the soil are some of the vital conditions to check regularly after planting your morning glories.

It will be easy to grow your morning glories and expect a good bloom from these beauties if you meet all these conditions.

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