Steep Hill Mowers - A complete review

Steep Hill Mowers – A Complete Review

Choosing to buy steep hill mowers is not an easy thing as there are enough options in the market that one cannot tell if they are fit.

A hilly lawn can be beautiful but it needs more work when it comes to mowing. You can easily find yourself cursing when it’s time for mowing your steep lawn.

But because it’s yours and you love it, you won’t leave it alone to get untidy.  You don’t have to worry about mowing at all because if you have the right tool, you will get the work done with ease.

Most lawn mowers can mow an inclination of 15 degrees. Ride-on mowers are the best zero-turn mowers for hills because they cope perfectly with slopes and mow fast.  Walk-behind mowers are quieter, cheaper, and easier to maneuver.

Most people do not understand how to mow a steep hill but with this article, we will educate you on how to do it easily.  The first step to mowing a steep lawn easily is by getting the right mower.  You will need to consider various aspects like a strong, reliable, and light lawnmower.  Also, look for one that is self-propelling, and has a good cutting height adjustment that makes mowing steep hills easier.

What Types Of Steep Hill Mowers Are Suitable?

Before you make up your mind to acquire a new mower, you need to know your lawn’s terrain.  Is it very hilly?  Rugged? Loaded with obstacles? Once you establish this, you will be in a better position to pick the right mower.

With the right mower, pushing a mower uphill or controlling it downhill will be quite easy with less effort. Some of the steep hill mowers recommended by experts include:

  • Riding Mowers.  These mowers have a higher risk of tipping over but you will need to get one that has larger rear wheels to enhance good traction. When using this kind of mower, mow the ground when it is dry as most of them do not do well on slippery grounds.
Riding Mowers
  • Zero-turn Mowers.  These mowers are characterized by their ability to make a zero-turn degree using hydraulic speed.  This means that this machine can turn inside its own trajectory.  These mowers are quite effective on larger lawns just like other riding mowers.  What makes these ones distinct is the independent power on their rear wheels. Two handles power this machine while acting as the brakes.
  • Walk-behind Mowers.  These are voted the safest when it comes to mowing hilly areas compared to the riding mowers. The standers provide you with the flexibility of positioning your weight properly.  They are better on hills as they require you to press the navigation buttons to maneuver the mower and prevent it from going out of control.

What To Look For In Steep Hillside Mowers

Hilly terrain is beautiful but can be dangerous when mowing.  Keep in mind these factors when shopping for a hilly yard lawnmower.

  • Rear-wheel Drive.  This provides good traction on hills compared to an all-wheel drive or a front-wheel drive.  Traction is enhanced by the rear-wheel-drive and good quality tires, and don’t even think about comprising on this important feature.
  • Deck Size.  The width of the deck determines how easily you can maneuver a hilly terrain.  For example, an open yard can be done easily with a deck of 42 to 54 inches.  This is not ideal for a narrow ditch or several obstacles because a wide deck is never good at maneuvering around obstacles.  The bigger the deck the more it cuts making it more efficient.

  • Ease Of Operation.  Some mowers can be complicated and difficult to use or operate.  Consider features that are friendly to use for everybody, which makes it easy and convenient to work with.  An easy-to-control machine has the advantage of serving you for longer because you will not damage it unknowingly.
  • Lightweight.  A heavy mower can be strenuous to push and pull around a large hilly terrain for long.  This is because they use your effort.  Go for powerful engines that are housed in light mowers.

A List Of Steep Hillside Mower Reviews

We have prepared a list of hilly mowers that you can choose from when looking to buy one.  We may not cover your favorite brand or model but these are just to show you what kind of features to look for.  All the mowers in this list are available on Amazon at affordable rates.


GREENWORKS is one of the best self-propelled mowers for hilly areas in the market today. This brand comes with top-notch features; it is long-lasting, quiet on operation, extremely powerful, and durable.

This machine might be just the one you need!  It has straightforward handling, easy to turn around, and lightweight.  Changing the bag is easy and its maintenance is little.  It runs on a battery with no environmental pollution and it stores power very well.  It is easy to operate even for a newbie.

The only maintenance required is sharpening the blade occasionally.  This self-propelled mower is able to suit your needs perfectly. If you are sick and tired of the heavy, noisy, smelly, and bothersome mower, consider the GREENWORKS Pro.  This machine is a game-changer!


  • The batteries last longer
  • It is powerful and durable
  • Has compact storage
  • Cordless, self-propelled, cuts very well
  • Very quiet when in performance
  • Easy to install


  • Has plastic handles on the height adjusters

GREAT STATES Reel Lawn Mower

This lawnmower is popular due to its efficiency on modest-sized to bigger lawns.  It boasts a classic design but the focus is on its performance.  It has exceptionally sharp and long-lasting heat-treated blades that give a clean cut.  It delivers high-quality precise cuts like no other mower.

Operating this mower is very easy even for a newbie.  But if your grass is too long, you might have to push and pull it a lot to make the lawn look all nice. Be sure to remove any twigs or branches or any obstacles on your lawn before mowing.

This mower gets the job done well and provides clean cuts.  It is super simple to push and fairly lightweight. It has a high performance even more than other big brands and you can save space in your store by hanging it on the wall.

This self-propelled mower makes it a fun experience to mow your hilly lawn making it less of a chore.  It doesn’t cost you anything to mow your lawn except some energy from your body.  And a good meal should be able to help you wonderfully push it around.


  • Zero maintenance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenient storage
  • Affordable price
  • Made of durable materials


  • Can be a little tricky to put it together
  • Is not always great at dealing with thick long grass.

GREENWORKS G-MAX 20” Cordless Mower

This mower is a rare one because of the kind of features it has. It comes with a standard sharp blade that cuts evenly mulching in an incredible way.  It is battery-powered but has what it takes to combine sturdiness and fantastic mowing quality.  It is lightweight and offers easy maneuverability.

Assembling this machine is easy as well as moving it around.  It is built to last and works very well on all types of slopes. It also cuts any height of grass with precision and ease.  It requires zero maintenance just make sure you use it on dry grass. Ensure you sharpen the blades and keep the batteries of the machines charged.

It is a quiet mower offering precision cutting and mulching and it comes with 2 batteries.  It is as awesome as the gas-powered ones but a lot quieter within its class.


  •  It’s sturdy and overall reliable
  • Offers excellent cutting quality
  • Is battery powered
  • Has a longer battery life
  • Can work medium to large yards
  • Bagging is easy and fast
  • Does not pollute the environment


  • Costs a little more

Final Thoughts – Mower For Hills

We definitely have not reviewed every mower in the market but the few we have looked at a good start.  If you aim to own a mower for sloppy gardens, traction and control are the main features you should focus on when seeking the right mower.

This along with other standard features will deliver a clean result and provide ultimate safety.  The best lawn steep hill mower should have the following features:

  • Lightweight build
  • Smooth speed changes
  • Traction tires
  • Powerful engine
  • Maneuverability
  • Even weight distribution to prevent it from flipping over

Mowing hilly lawns can be a risky affair however if you exercise the right kind of safety precautions you will be fine.  A self-propelled walk-behind is the best lawn mower for hilly areas bit you can even use ride-on with caution.

Always mow from side to side if you are using a walk-behind or up and down in a single direction if using a ride-on.

It is important to note that the flip on a ride-on can cause serious accidents if not used with caution.  Therefore, always keep to the mowing instructions.