Repotting Aloe Vera With Long Stem

Repotting aloe vera long stem is an important technique you need to learn before attempting to move it anywhere to avoid killing it.

What to Do If Your Aloe Vera Stem is too Long

When your aloe stem becomes too long and heavy, it starts to tip over. Supporting it to keep it straight might not work because it might be too heavy. There are a couple of things to help you solve this issue.

One easy and best way is to get a deeper pot and some composted manure and repot again. The deeper pot will accommodate the length of the long aloe vera stem. Fill the pot with well-drained soil. 

Method 1: Repot Aloe Vera with Long Stem Deeper

Step 1: Get a plastic container. Make one big round hole for drainage at the base of the container. The hole must be bigger than the stem of the aloe plant. Step 2: Cut or slit open your plastic container straight down on the side to the bottom of the container drainage hole.

Method 2: Repotting the Long Stem

Step 3: Make some little holes side by side at the side where you slit open the container straight down. These small holes will help you to use a thread and seal the pot back once you are done repotting. Step 4: Take your container and wrap it around the long-stemmed potted aloe vera plant. Fit it on top of this long stem, probably in the middle of the long stem, and allow it to sit on top as though it is hanging.

Method 2: Repotting the Long Stem

Step 5: Fill the container with soil or planting matter of your choice and water it. Nurture this aloe vera for a month or until it develops adequate roots to support the upper plant. Step 6: Once you have enough roots to support this plant, cut it off and remove the hanging pot placing it in a good position for the aloe to continue thriving.

Method 2: Repotting the Long Stem

Method 3: Cut and Repot

You can also cut the long stem and repot the aloe plant. Use a sharp knife to cut ensuring you don’t damage the plant. Before repotting, allow the cut area to dry out. This eliminates the risk of rotting because succulents rot if subjected to wetness before it heals their wound.

Repotting Aloe Vera With Long Stem

Now that we have seen the possibility of repotting aloe vera long stem, you don’t have to throw away your overgrown plant. Take time and choose a method that is friendly to use and make a new plant out of the old one.