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What Do Phlox Seeds Look Like – A General View

What Do Phlox Seeds Look Like – A General View

Most new gardeners need to find out what do phlox seeds look like so they can grow and harvest their own and keep them for the next season.

Phlox (Phlox paniculata L.) is a colorful, sun-loving summer bloomer that keeps its bloom on display for at least 6 weeks in mid-summer. It is available in pastels such as pink, lavender, intense shades of red, rose, purple, and white.

Phlox are perennials.  They are a favorite choice to many people because they have varieties that are either ground cover blooming in early spring to the tall phlox blooming in mid-to-late summer.

Phlox Flower

The plants display many star-shaped colorful flowers when in bloom.  There are so many various types, some native to North America making them available in almost every garden in America. These flowers’ versatility cannot be overlooked.

Phlox Flower

These flowers have outstanding qualities that make them favorable to many.  They include:

  • Low-growing phlox work great as an under-cover
  • Tall phlox works best as a colorful backdrop
  • Medium-height varieties can fill any gaps
  • They all have a lovely fragrance and beautiful blooms
  • They are low maintenance

Some varieties come in bi-colors with a sweet scent. It is possible to save phlox seeds at the end of the season from your mature plants.  You can use these seeds to grow a new phlox garden in the following spring.

What Do Garden Phlox Seeds Look Like?

Let’s first know how a seed pod looks like.  A phlox seed pod is a round welling flower-like pod that contains the seeds inside.  The thin-looking pods do not contain the seeds, rather the fat-looking ones.  The seed pods are few in each flower head so the majority is not seed pods.

The seeds when dry are brown in color and oval in shape.  They easily come off the dried pods without much effort.  Once you remove the dry pods, you can store your seeds in an envelope bag rather than a plastic bag.

A plastic bag attracts mildew while the envelope keeps them dry at all times.  You may also opt to put them in a container and add some rice to keep them dry for a longer period of time.

Harvesting Phlox Flower Seeds

Before you harvest your phlox, be sure to follow these steps to enable you to get mature seeds.

Step 1:  At the end of summer, leave your phlox blooms to remain on the plant after the flowers fade. Choose healthy blooms in order to get healthy seeds.

Step 2:  Allow the phlox to continue growing until the petals drop off and the seed pod that is located behind the petals shrivel and turns brown.  Again, don’t leave the pods for too long as the pod may break and spill the seeds on the ground.

Step 3:  Cut the seed pods from the plant and put them into a paper sack. Place them in a warm, well-ventilated place until they are completely dry.  To test if the seeds are dry, they will break when you poke them with your fingernail.  If you notice they are soft, that means they are not dry enough.

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Step 4: Remove the pods out of the plastic bag and break open the pods. Pick out any large pieces of leaves, stems, or petals and discard them.

Step 5:  Place the phlox seeds in a paper envelope for storage. Remember to write the name, date, and color of the plant on the envelope.  This will give you an idea of what type of seeds you have next season you want to plant them.  Store the seeds in a dark, well-ventilated spot until the next planting season.


Identifying phlox seeds is the first step towards harvesting your own and saving them for the next season.  If you don’t know what the seeds look like, the video attached herein will be of great help to you.

Remember not to leave them for too long on the plant as they may end up falling and begin growing again, rather harvest them at the right time.

Learning how to save your own seeds will save you from spending more money on new seeds next season you want to grow them.  It also enables you to grow the same great flowers you had in the past season especially if they matched well with the climate and soil of your area.

Now that you know what do phlox seeds look like, go ahead and harvest your own following the steps above.  Then you can laugh your way to the garden next season and grow your amazing phlox flowers.