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Zero G Water Hose Reviews - General Overview

Zero G Water Hose Reviews – General Overview

Before buying a water hose it’s critical you choose a quality one, to help you with that, we will look at the Zero-G water hose review.

Your garden needs a healthy diet that consists of adequate sunlight, nutrients, fertilizers, and most importantly adequate water.

This is the reason most gardeners buy a water hose to assist them water their gardens.  A water hose is a simple yet incredible device that assists you in many ways.  If you want to water your lawn or garden, clean the sidewalk or the car a water hose will come in handy.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Water Hose

  • Length.  One of the first most important things to consider is the length.  Water hose comes in various lengths ranging from 25 to 100 ft.  Buy a water hose that is suitable for your kind of work.  If you need to cover short distances, buy a short one and vice versa.

  • Power.  Check to see that the water hose can withstand high water pressure without bursting.  Burst rating delineates the maximum pressure from the flowing water. The desirable rating should be more than 350psi.  If you want a hose pipe that allows high pressure, choose those with high burst ratings but if you want a medium burst rating keep it around 350 to 400 psi.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Water Hose - Power
  • Material Used.  A durable and reliable water hose must be made from a strong material.  Water hose is generally made from rubber or vinyl or a combination of both.  Vinyl material is less durable and has too many kinks leading to folds and tears in the pipe.  The vinyl material has less power bursting rating.  The rubber material is more reliable and resistant to kink and tear.  Rubber is able to withstand the rough terrain because it is thicker and has more power bursting rate.  Rubber water hose costs more than vinyl but they are worth it.

Zero-G Water Hose Review

Zero-G water hose is considered better than many others in many aspects.  It is made from rubber and very durable.  The hose is perfect for use with pressure washers or other high-pressure accessories as it withstands the force of the water rushing out through it.

It is perfect for professional groundskeepers too at sports fields and other high transit areas. The ability to use this hose at high pressure means you can use it for car washes and other commercial uses with prolonged use.

Features And Benefits Of The Zero G Hose Water

The Zero-G hose has loads of innovative design features and benefits perfect for the busy gardener.

50% Lightweight – Zero-G is light in weight and carrying it across the garden or wheeling it on a trolley is quite easy compared to other hoses. This hose comes in half the weight of a regular hose meaning you get less backache in carrying it over long distances and it’s easier to uncurl and maneuver around the garden.

Kink-free Hose Design – Zero-G does not kink easily and allows you to carry out your tasks without needing to stop and undo knots. Its tough, rigid structure of this hose stops it from curling and kinking when in use.

Easy To Store – The Zero-G is easy to store and kink resistant.  It is easy to swirl it up and store it away.  The Tru-Flex inner part of the hose helps the hose stay kink-free and also allows it to be tightly wound into a small space even in cold weather. It can be bent up to 35 degrees meaning it can be wound up and stored in a box or cupboard during winter or reeled on an outdoor hose reel to save space.

Tough Woven  – The tough woven fiber jacket resists leaks and punctures. The G-force high-density jacket surrounds the hose entirely giving it the same durability and longevity found in commercial-grade hose.  This means the hose is perfect for both gardening and commercial purposes and can withstand heavy terrain or rough ground.  The protective jacket saves it from developing any tears or leaks.


  • Lightweight – 50% lighter than another commercial vinyl hose
  • Highly affordable
  • Durable thus serving you for long
  • Leak and puncture-resistant
  • Crushproof couplings



How good is a zero-G water hose?

One thing I did notice with the Zero-G hose was that you can’t turn off the water while the nozzle is still attached to the hose. When you do, the hose automatically goes into the sink. If you take the nozzle off, it will start spraying again.

Can you leave Zero-G hose outside?

You can leave the Zero-G hose outside if it is not in use, but make sure it is clean. Cleaning is the most important part of a Zero-G hose. If you are planning on leaving it outside, make sure you clean it out thoroughly after each use. You should also make sure that it is not frozen before leaving it outside.

Clean the hose by removing it from the water tank and run it under a tap until all of the water has been removed from it. Remove any dirt or grime that may have accumulated on the inside of the hose and reattach it to the water tank.

You will need to remove the cap on the water tank and remove the hose so you can clean it. If you have pets, make sure that they do not chew on the hose.

How do you fix a zero G Hose?

If you are concerned that it may be leaking, you can seal the ends with a dab of epoxy, which will harden and provide a bit of a seal.

You can also use a good quality hose clamp to close off the connection. Be sure not to overtighten the clamp, as this will cause the hose to kink and possibly break.

If the hose is leaking badly or has been punctured, it may be necessary to replace the entire hose.

What is the difference between zero-G and Zero G Pro hose?

There are two different versions of the Zero-G hoses: the original and the new Zero-G Pro. The difference between these two hoses is that the original Zero-G was made from a soft PVC which has been approved for use with water systems in the US and Canada.

The Zero-G Pro was originally made out of silicone, but now is made from a softer material called Silicone Polyurethane (SPU). This newer material was designed to reduce the possibility of damage to the hose.

Can a Zero-G Hose go on a hose reel?

Zero gravity hose can go on a hose reel.

Are zero-G hoses OK for drinking water?


The zero-G garden hose, made by a company called Sky Hose, has some advantages over the regular garden hose. They are cheaper, lighter and smaller. They don’t clog as easily. They are also touted to be more flexible, easier to clean and stronger.

Zero G Hose Review Conclusion

Zero-G has a high-pressure rate without bursting.  If you run a car wash business or pressure washing driveways, you might struggle to find the right hose that could withstand high water pressure.  This hose has the 650psi ability to withstand high water pressure and it is higher than most garden hoses.